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Hi, everyone. Here are some of the slides from today's presentation. I demoed the web app: and the iPad apps: Nearpod Student and Nearpod Teacher
Before you build your Nearpod presentation, create a new account in the Nearpod Teacher app.

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The purpose of the presentation was to introduce both the Nearpod app and Ignite presentations, and then demonstrate how to build Ignite presentations on the iPad to share with a class using Nearpod.

I gave two Ignite presentations using a shortened student format:
external image 2012-08-16%252000.36.26.png

Then, I showed how to build the slides on an iPad. Slides can be created using any creative app on the iPad. Here are a few apps I like to use:

external image 2012-08-16%252000.21.26.png

Paper by 53 - makes all your drawings look good.

external image 2012-08-15%252023.35.27.png

Living Spaces - a simple, easy space planner. If you want to demonstrate anything on this topic, this is the app for you. (It's also a lot of fun to play with)

external image 2012-08-16%252000.31.08.png
Comics Head - If you want your slides to look like cartoon panels, use this app. Lots of options for characters, backgrounds, and props.

We also covered GoodNotes (seen in the title slide). The zoom box, fountain pen, and pdf annotation make this app well worth your time.

Once your students have created 12 slides and have saved the images to the camera roll, export the pictures to your laptop. I use Dropbox to move pictures.

external image 2012-08-16%252000.22.01.png

After the files have been moved to your laptop, open up iMovie (or a similar video editor), drop in the 12 images (turn off the Ken Burns pan & zoom), set each clip length to 15 seconds, and export the video file.

external image Screen%2520Shot%25202012-08-16%2520at%252012.11.18%2520AM.png

Open up the Nearpod web app (, login to your account, and create a new presentation. Add a few stills to bookend your presentation, and upload your Ignite presentation videos as individual slides.

external image Screen%2520Shot%25202012-08-16%2520at%252012.12.15%2520AM.png

external image Screen%2520Shot%25202012-08-16%2520at%252012.12.59%2520AM.png

external image Screen%2520Shot%25202012-08-16%2520at%252012.16.24%2520AM.png

After the slides are all loaded, publish.

When your students are ready to present, use the Nearpod Teacher account to load and control the presentation. Use the Nearod Student account for the students to view the presentations on their devices. Students can present from anywhere in the room, while the video with the images they created display on student iPads.

external image 2012-08-15%252022.44.28.png

Students access the presentation by typing in the pin number given on the Nearpod Teacher app when a presentation is loaded.

And that's it!

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me:
Hannah Walden
Class website:**

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