How Many Ways Can We Use the ShowMe App?

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Here are the ideas we came up with. Please add more and share.

  • Readers Theater
  • Demonstrating and reading How To books
  • Retelling by drawing and saying the story
  • Take photos of your classroom centers and produce instruction/procedural information for your students to follow
  • Science: insert picture of an animal and have students label parts
  • Shape detectives: take pictures of objects in the classroom for geometry. label them and talk about their features
  • Middle school lit circles: record parts of the story to hear the Ss voices, insert pictures connected to book and talk about those pictures
  • Guided Math: create a ShowMe app video of a mini lesson for parents and students.
  • Reading Nonfiction: take picture of things in the book and make notes (instead of sticky notes) for wondering, background knowledge, what features, what strategies,
  • HS English: Instead of writing about tone, Ss read with inflection that reflect the tone of the piece, involve art in the discussion and talk about allusions.
  • Students create a tutorial for new students entering the class or the grade
  • Foreign language; short stories
  • Record students challenges/problems working with phonics
  • Having students record their voices over the images

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